Visualize This

I’ve cracked the code! My writing code, that is. For years I’ve started journals and stopped, leaving me with a shelf of lovely bound books full of blank pages, with just an entry or two in the very front. But last night, looking at the rack of just-baked cookies, the words I wanted to write about them popped into my head. So I snapped a blurry picture and made my first successful blog post.

I realized this sort of thing happens all the time! I’ll look at something and know just what I want to say about it…but it never seems journal-worthy, or it is forgotten by the time I get back to my dusty journal shelf, so I let it pass. But here’s the insight – I am a visual writer.

It reminds me of when I learned to pray aloud. You would think that seminary would teach us preachers to offer loud and long oral prayers out of our heads. Not so. We only learn how to read oral prayers someone else has written – albeit with appropriate hand gestures. In my early pastor years, I would clutch up inside when ever someone would say “Why don’t we start with a prayer?” and all heads would turn to me, the professional pray-er. I cracked the code when I realized I was a visual prayer giver, and when I would visualize the object of concern (the waiting potluck and ladies who made it, the refugees receiving the quilts we were about to pack and send, the family members gathered around their loved one’s deathbed) the words would just flow, describing what we were commending to God. It helps that you pray with your eyes closed for this.

So, no photo today, just an insight. Blog as subtitle. Prayer as caption.


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