Sport Package

I used to date a car guy. Since I am a good sport (and because I like new things), I attended car shows, learned how to differentiate Audi model years and was soon able to speak with authority about a HEMI, torque and something called a sport package.

This came in handy when I bought a new car yesterday. I’m working with an obliging local business who took note of what I wanted (low mileage, gas sipping,  hatchback, not yellow) and went foraging at auctions. They brought me an older, low end Nissan Versa (boring) and a newer, loaded Mazda 3 (overstimulating). Maybe they pulled a Goldilocks on me. “What about a Ford Focus?”, they asked. After trying extremes of too hard and too soft, too hot and too cold, but still savoring the luxury of the Mazda, I said, “That could work. As long as it comes with a SPORT PACKAGE”.

It sure does! Two days later, there she was. A 2012, only 9,000 miles. But even though I’m a sucker for a good spoiler and  aluminum wheels, it was the fabulouso gas mileage that sold me.  38 MPG highway – really?! “Cecille the Automobile” came home with us the same day.

“What’s a sport package?”, Helen asked. “Car bling,” I replied, “some chrome, leather or details that make it look fancy.” “Oh,” she said, “Accessories”. Exactly.


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  1. We went with a Chrysler Town and Country. Not exactly a gas sipper, but better than what we were driving before!

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