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Honorable Mention

My blogging is comprised of the interesting things that I notice during the day, mixed with several parts vanity, and written with the conviction that others will  want to read my fascinating observations. So far I’ve only thought of blogging as something I do, but not something that is done about me. So imagine my surprise to find I have been blogged about, too!

OK, so most of them are work-related, like this from the Morning Call Capitol Ideas blog, which offers smart and funny  reporting on the goings on in Harrisburg (although what I say here is neither smart nor funny, just persistent). It was a sad day when the newspaper recently announced I would have to start paying in order to read it, depriving me of a daily small joy. At least we can get the Tweets for free.

But then I came upon this unexpected review of a wedding sermon preached last year, in a post called “Two Weddings and an Assassination” on the blog Gladly Lerne, Gladly Teche, written by a Princeton English professor . I’m not named, but it really is me when he writes: The officiant conducted the wedding service and the Communion liturgy with an easy yet impressive dignity, and she preached a brief but memorable sermon carefully crafted for a couple whose youthful vocations have been service among the world’s poor and downtrodden.

Brief but memorable. Easy yet impressive. That’s me, a bundle of contradictions! And the Archbishop of Canterbury, officiant at the other wedding who has me beat as a theologian, thinker and all around fine cleric, doesn’t even get a mention. Of course, if I had known an English prof was in attendance I would gotten nervous and ended up being long-winded yet incoherent. Or lyrical yet nonsensical.

So, dear blogging friends, go ahead and mention me. Extol my easy yet impressive dignity. Just don’t charge me to read about it.


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