Ollivander’s: Makers of Fine Wands Since 382 BC

The blog is back!

The Reumann threesome headed out into the backyard this morning to take stock of Hurricane Sandy’s toll on our property. From the house it didn’t look too bad, but our old enormous oak tree had lost countless leaves and twigs and branches that needed clearing.

At first, my grounds crew worked diligently picking up sticks, until they found a better use for them. They decamped to the deck, dousing the straightest and longest sticks with glue, and covering them with blue and purple glitter, affixing spangles and sparkles and ribbons.

“What you doing?” I yelled. “We’ve got a lot to do!” “Making wands,” they replied.  Deciding to be a crab about it, I pointed out that wasn’t going to help get the leaves and sticks taken care of. Mei took the high road. “Mom”, she said, “Don’t you know that with enough wands we can clean the yard up by magic?”

Chastened, I joined the wand makers at their craft. The leaves can wait.



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